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Gilbert Facts, Statistics & Information

Population of Gilbert Arizona: 208,453

According to the 2010 Census, the Gilbert population is 208,453 residents. That is a 90% increase over the last decade from about 109,700. Gilbert AZ is the seventh largest municipality in Arizona.

Per Capita and Median Household Income

In 2009, the per-capita income in Gilbert was $30,557 versus the average in Arizona of $25,203. Its median household income was $79,921 versus the Arizona average of $50,296. Its poverty rate was only 4.9% versus the average 14.7%. Overall, Gilbert is an affluent upper middle-class.

Demographics Profile

Percentage White: 82.6%
Percentage African American: 3.2%
Percentage Asian: 4.4%
Percentage Hispanic: 15.3%
Median Age: 30.5 Years-Old
Older than 25 College Graduates: 38.2%

Gilbert, A Great Place To Live

Safe Place To Live. Rated the 17th safest town in America by the Washington-based CQ Press. According to FBI statistics that analyzes rates and trends for crime. Gilbert is designated as the safest city in Arizona for 2009. In 2010, Gilbert AZ was rated as one of the "Top Safest Cities in America" by

A Best Place To Live. Gilbert routinely is among the list of "Best Places To Live" by Money Magazine. It is also rated as "one of the best places to live and learn" by 2010 brought other distinguished accolades to Gilbert:

> Cosmo Dog Park. 4th Best Dog Park in the nation
> Cosmo Dog Park. azCentral's Reader's Choice Best Dog Park
> Riparian Preserve. Among Top Birding Areas
> Among Best Places For Babies by Parent's Magazine
> Coolest Suburb by

Geographic Statistic and Facts

Gilbert Elevation: 1,237 Feet Above Sea Level.
Square Miles: 76 Square Miles Total.
Gilbert Zip Codes: 85233, 85234, 85295-85298
Nearest Adjacent Cities: Mesa, Chandler, Queen Creek
Nearest Major City: 25 Miles From Downtown Phoenix.
Major Freeway Access: Interstates 60, 101 and 202.

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