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Zip Lines in Costa Rica

Mention Costa Rica and people conjure-up visions of a vacation paradise. There are plenty of ways to enjoy Costa Rica depending upon your reasons for going there. The beaches are prime. The waves sublime. It's a bio-diverse country with a wealth eco-tour regions. The slow-pace in Costa is seductive. Serene, tranquil and staggeringly beautiful.

Seeing the rainforest from above is breathtaking. Ascend to the tops of the rainforest canopy and view the Costa Rica Jungle Life from an entirely different perspective. The only thing you will need is courage and a strong, adventurous desire. Riding the treetops is nothing short of exhilarating.

The best place for canopy tours and zip-lines is Monteverde, the heart of Costa Rica's green cloud forest. It is the most popular place to glide on top of one of the most beautiful places in the world.

Read more information about Zip-Lines and Canopy Tours in Costa Rica. Find everything you want to know about vacationing in Costa Rica and exploring this amazing country by region.

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